screened crushed line sizing

Def Stan 7-2 Type C Braid Screened Control Cable PVC Compact sizing, high working voltage Wide range of sizes Flexible PVC jacket Braid screened; Product Description; ... Screened type 'C' has an overall polyester tape with tinned copper wire braid screen. ... Address Line 2. City. State/County. Postal/Zip code. Country. Email. Phone. Pacific Topsoils, Inc. Soil, Bark, Mulch, Tools MEDIUM/FINE BARK: ..., then screened to a small size, Dark Fine Mulch is a dark finish product with minimal nutrient content. Should be used as a top dress similar to Bark. Click to Zoom . ... Many colors of crushed rock and screened to 5/8" and less. Good as a sub base for retaining walls/rookeries. Patio Hideaway Screen - Lowe's Home Improvement To hold the screen in place while the concrete dries, first drive two scrap-wood stakes in the ground about 2 inches in front of the screen at both ends. Attach one end of a 2 x 4 stud to a stake with one nail and angle the other end until it touches the outside edge of the screen posts.    Read More