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Belt fastener, Belt splice - All industrial manufacturers ... The TEMPO INTERNATIONAL's Conveyor Belt Splice by vulcanization is well suited for chemical, airport, fitness equipment, printing, package handling, food and electronic applications. It is available in various versions ... Trouble- shooting five common belt conveyor head pulley ... belt conveyor's efficiency by prematurely wearing idlers and pulleys, causing belt mis-tracking and slippage, and damaging splices. Buildup can also cause worker accidents that lead to medical costs and lost labor. Material buildup can increase labor costs for spillage QBM, Quality Belt Maintenance, conveyor belt splicing ... Quality Belt Maintenance Ltd., founded in 1974, is an industrial rubber products service company. Our primary involvement is with conveyor belt intensive industries such as cement plants, power plants, steel mills, shipping, mining, pulp and paper, quarries, sand and aggregate plants.    Read More