human benefit of mining

Impacts on Boreal Forests and Biodiversity - Regional ... Mining activities impact and change the boreal forest. Mining can cause fragmentation of the forest, diversion of water flow, and pollution. As reclamation and remediation of affected landscapes can take decades, mining can have long lasting effects on the boreal ecosystem (Kavanagh 2006). Human - definition of human by The Free Dictionary human beings, human race, humankind, humans, mankind, humanity, world, man - all of the living human inhabitants of the earth; "all the world loves a lover"; "she always used `humankind' because `mankind' seemed to slight the women" Environmental Impacts of Mining and Smelting ... The mining sector is responsible for some of the largest releases of heavy metals into the environment of any industry. It also releases other air pollutants including sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in addition to leaving behind tons of waste tailings, slag, and acid drainage. Coal Mining Health Risks - Kentucky Environmental Foundation Deep Coal Mining Community Health Risks The health outcomes associated with living in a deep coal mining community are various. Everything from increased rates of lung cancer, respiratory disease, and low birth weight can be linked to communities that are located near mining facilities.    Read More