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Minerals used in a computer - Mine Engineer.Com There are 66 individual minerals that contribute to the typical computer that are identified above. There are others,in addition to those above, but it should be evident that without many minerals, there would be no computers, or televisions, for that matter. How to Identify Blue Stones | Our Everyday Life Aquamarine. Examine the stone. Aquamarine has a light, watery blue color varying in hues from clear blues to a blue-green. The mineral iron contributes to the color of this gem. mineral hematite uses in everyday life How to Identify Rocks and Minerals By Jan C. Rasmussen (Revised from a booklet by Susan Celestian) 2012 Donations for reproduction from: Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation ... Many ancient traditions used them as symbols, tokens, and talismans, in their everyday life as well as in their magical or religious ceremonies.    Read More