estimated factories fueled by coal in china

Coal Still Has Long Way To Run In China And India - Forbes Sep 16, 2015· By 2025, Macquarie writes, coal will still play a dominant role in China's energy mix. It's possible that if China's coal consumption dramatically declines, India will be there to fill the hole. Why China Plans to Slow Down Its Industrial Revolution Hebei is the beating heart of China's coal-fueled industry, home to some one hundred and fifty plants that produce steel and iron; but that's not all these factories produce, they also emit a toxic chemical soup of sulfur dioxide nitrogen, oxides particles, and even mercury into the atmosphere. CHEMICALS FROM COAL - Argonne National Laboratory World War I1 brought imperative demands for toluene, ammonia, and other chemicals that could not be met by the coke plants. ' Petroleum and natural gas were used as raw materials, and since that time they have dominated. In a very real sense, the era of significance for chemicals from coal was the period from 1920 to 1940. China has long been captivated by the promise of coal The Geological Survey of China, led by Belgian-trained geologist Weng Wenhao, furnished what was possibly the most authoritative calculation of China's coal deposits in .    Read More