how gypsum can be used for plastering

National Gypsum Company Gold Bond® Kal-Kote® Basecoat Veneer Plaster. Description. Gold Bond® BRAND Kal-Kote® Basecoat Plaster is a specially designed high strength basecoat plaster for application 1/16" minimum thickness over Kal-Kore® Plaster Base, masonry or monolithic concrete that has been treated with a . Painting Plaster with Acrylics | Just Paint Plaster has been decorated with paint since its earliest known usage back in 7500 B.C. Jordan. The rather simple mixture of lime powder, crushed limestone and water was used to achieve smooth walls for interior wall decoration. Gypsum Plaster | POP Ceiling | Plastering Solutions ... Gypsum Plastering. Gypsum plastering is a modern day solution to time consuming and ecologically straining process of Sand Cement plaster. Further it saves on POP punning cost which is generally applied on Sand Cement plaster. Gypsum plasters have been used for centuries in the construction space, owing to its excellent and unique properties.    Read More