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SperryFiltration Engineers In simplest terms, the primary application of a filter press is to separate solids from liquids. The product to be gained from the filtration process can be the liquid or filtrate (as in fabric processing), the solid or cake (as in metal hydroxide removal), or both (as in distillery applications). 2018 Global Pressure Plate Filters Market Size - Sungov The all-inclusive report will aid users to understand the global pressure plate filters market trends, forecast trends, industry status, growth drivers, pressure plate filters market share, analysis, production, demands, supply, sales, size by key players, . Alfa Laval - AS-H Plate Press A plate press is a series of filter plates which are pressed together by hydraulic ram. The filter plates are built with a cavity or space in between them where the filter cake (solid) will form. First the plate press is filled with the slurry until all of the aforementioned spaces are full. FILTERS, PLATE & FRAME - Surplus Record Find Used or Surplus Filters, Plate & Frame, Sperry, Schneider, Edwards & Jones, JWI, Shriver, Sparkler, Directory of 70000 listings by 1200 suppliers    Read More