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ZA Textile | 152US - WOOL SPINNING PLANT - 6264 SPINDLES wool spinning plant - 6264 spindles . preparation - seydel 679 - integrated sant'andrea rst21.- 1000 x 1200.- year 2000.- ... all ring are gauge 82.5 pk1601 arm. complete ring blower and tubes to work;those of 732 in the air. - winder murata 7-2 .- year 1991.- 30 heads .-uster polymatic Spinning Fiber - Flax, Hemp & Ramie - The Woolery Flax. The fiber from the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) that is spun into linen.The plant also produces flax seeds and linseed oil. Hemp. Hemp fiber is derived from a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant.However, the fiber is sourced from plants that have been specifically bred for . TOYODA RX-240 ORIGINAL COMPACT LINKED-CONER MURATA . TOYODA RX-240 ORIGINAL COMPACT LINKED-CONER MURATA 21C * 23 SETS; ... RING SPINNING MACHINE WITH LINKED-CONER * 5 SETS MAKER: TOYOTA MODEL: RX-240 SF MFG.YEAR: 2005 ... Complete Spinning Plants Complete Weaving Plants Chemical Fiber Plants Dying / Finishing Plants. Textile Machinery.    Read More