lithium carbonate production from searles lake brines

Industrial Process Profiles For Environmental Use Chapter ... For Searles Lake brine (lower level) (Figure 8) - To form and to recover sodium bicarbonate from lower level brine of Searles Lake. Addition of carbon dioxide con- verts the sodium carbonate in solution to sodium bi- carbonate. Subsurface stratigraphy and geochemistry of late ... Searles Lake is a dry salt pan, about 100 km 2 in area, that lies on the floor of Searles Valley, in the desert of southeast California. Several salt bodies of late Quaternary age lie beneath the surface, mostly composed of sodium and potassium carbonate, sulfate, chloride, and borate minerals. Mud layers separate the salt bodies, which contain interstitial brine that is the source of large ... high grade and comprises a classic zoned pegmatite at its ... The company hopes to come on stream with lithium carbonate production in 2010 from reserves of 20,000 tonnes of lithium. Queensland Gold & Minerals is currently exploring for pegmatites near Georgetown in Queensland.    Read More